A part from the three ordinary English sessions we have per week, we also have an extra-session (Cicle Mitjà & Cicle Superior) where the students practice English in an autonomous way. 
In the English classroom (S.A.R.) we have different corners. Depending on the corner, students can practice one skill or anorther. All the activities are graded, some with colours (vocabulary, reading & writing, songs & rhymes, listening and library) according to the level of the students (yellow: easy, red: medium, green: difficult). 
The computer and the P.D.I. activities are also graded for the different forms.

The correction is already done in some of the corners (reading & writing, songs & rhymes, vocabulary and listening). The pupils take a folder with copies and when they finish an activity they can check their job just looking at the correction.

The role of the teacher is to guide the students. Each student has a folder where to place the finished activities. Every folder has a chart where students write the activities already done, so they will not do them again. At the end of the term they take their activities home.

The students are divided into groups of four (depending on the number of students per class it can change) and every week they do a different corner.

Different corners:

- Vocabulary

- Reading and writing

- Songs and rhymes

- Listening

- Computer

- Library

P.D.I. (Smart Board)